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So much to complete in Eastern Florida

26/02/2013 17:30
This is such a great place! Obviously I had to visit Daytona Beach and the well-known racetrack. I took a tour round the racetrack, taking a look at the pitstops and there is an IMAX cinema where you can envision you're racing around the track. The museum also has something called Acceleration...

The Florida Keys are amazing

26/02/2013 17:13
I was looking forward to going to the Florida Keys and I wasn't disappointed.  They're really spectacular and all connected by 1 long bridge Due to the bridge I was in a position to visit some of the lesser recognized spots and saw some truly memorable places of interest. Mallory Square is...

When in Florida make sure you go to the Florida Keys

26/02/2013 17:08
The overseas highway runs the 110 mile length of the Keys and tends to make getting around very easy by vehicle.  You are able to also get the boat but I preferred driving so I could quit off and go to a few of the more unusual locations. There's a great deal to do right here and Important...

Oh what enjoyable I had at the Florida theme parks

20/02/2013 12:58
Following a fortnight of visiting theme parks in Florida I cannot very decide which 1 was my favourite.  There was some thing that I loved about all of them but maybe these 4 will be most memorable. Disney world Sea World Gator land Universal Studios Universal Studios was excellent...

What I did in Eastern Florida?

19/02/2013 17:48
In the event you discover yourself in Eastern Florida then you definitely ought to go to Daytona Beach.  I loved it here, particularly the museum with its acceleration alley where I could pretend to be inside a racing vehicle and the IMAX cinema which really did really feel like becoming on...

Daytona Beach and Eastern Florida

26/02/2013 17:26

This is such an excellent place! Obviously I had to go to Daytona Beach and also the famous racetrack. I took a tour round the racetrack, taking a look at the pitstops and there is an IMAX cinema exactly where you can envision you're racing about the track. The museum also has something called Acceleration Alley where you can interactively race.
When in Daytona Beach make certain you go on the pier as it is well worth a trip.  The pier is one of the longest, if not the longest in Eastern Florida.  There is a two person Gondola though which will take you towards the end and back to get a few bucks. The pier has a 180 foot tower next to it so you won't have any issues discovering it.  

You shouldn't miss the Kennedy Space Centre in the event you visit Eastern Florida.  From the numerous things to do there you should visit the shuttle launch encounter which allows you to experience just what it was like to take off in a space shuttle.  This ride lets you feel what is is like when a shuttle requires off into space.  You will find some great reside shows and museums as well. I personally rented a car, I found good rental rates here

The food in Florida is great and I ate at some great restaurants.  The Santa Maria and Cap's around the water were my favourites.  If you consume as well a lot although you can always burn a load of calories off at Daytona Beach.  I also discovered that the turtles lay their eggs on the beach and two months later they hatch and make their own way in to the water. I want I'd seen this however it was the incorrect time of year for it.

The weather was great in Eastern Florida and I by no means saw any storms or hurricanes thankfully.  I wouldn't prefer to go through that.